Introducing Cyberangels Premium: from today, cybersecurity for SMEs changes face!

Since the beginning of the year, we have helped over 200 start-ups, professionals and SMEs secure their businesses thanks to the platform suggestions and the services provided by our Cyber Angels, our selected security professionals ready to act on your request.

In this process of getting to know each other and enriching each other, there has always been a common element in most preliminary conversations, a sort of 'pattern'.

"I don't know where to start", "it's too expensive", "we don't have time to devote" and "we don't have anyone to manage it". These were the most common objections.

So we asked ourselves: "How can we make the cybersecurity experience easier, more accessible and less daunting for SMEs?". 

It was at that moment that we decided to create a platform to protect SMEsthe weakest when it comes to IT security, with the same care that a renowned consultancy firm would put into it. Paying not only attention to the 'technical tool' as an end in itself, but planning a broader vision and a progressive accompaniment path.

Today we are excited to present to you Cyberangels Premiumthe new version of the platform designed and developed in Italysolid and extensive that makes cybersecurity really easy and affordable for start-ups and SMEs. 

With access to Cyberangels PremiumSMEs can now benefit from a true cybersecurity management model, equal to those offered by renowned consulting firms and reserved only for large organisations... but at SME prices!

Whether you are a small- to medium-sized enterprise looking for a starting point to manage your cybersecurity, or you want to establish a trusting relationship with your potential customers, or you need to meet security requirements to quickly achieve regulatory compliance, Cyberangels can help you.

In this article, we describe the work of the last few months and how you can make the most of it.

Log in now to your account Cyberangels Premium o register now. Not convinced? No problem, we are here to show you how to switch to Cyberangels Premium today. Contact us and we will be happy to give you all the information you require.

What is Cyberangels Premium?

Cyberangels Premium is access to the Cyberangels platform, reserved for paid subscribers. It offers exclusive features and functionality that allow you to consolidate the entire security process of your company, from the initial risk assessment at remediation actions and/or of continuous improvementin a unified platform of immediate interpretation.

With Cyberangels PremiumIn addition to being able to follow an improvement path designed to increase the cyber health of your company, you can easily demonstrate that you are in possession of the necessary requirements for take out cyber-risk insurance policy or for those of compliance. 

How can it help my small business?

Cyberangels Premium offers an immediate overview of all the stages and priorities of your IT protection journey, without having to hire expensive specialists and without over-committing your days.

Has a customer requested more details on your security?

It's all inside Cyberangels Premium.

Can you not afford the risk of a data breach and loss?

Monitor your attack surface with Cyberangels Premium 24 hours a day.

Do you need to lock and manage devices?

Track, manage and inventory them all in Cyberangels Premium.

Are you tired of compliance delays?

Cyberangels Premium helps you speed up and streamline your compliance activities by consolidating all the necessary data in one place.

New features released

👨🏼🎨 New graphic experienceThe previous version of the platform was in need of a refresh, it was out of step with the times and, as a result, our message was conveyed in a way that was not attractive enough. We therefore undertook to completely rebuild it following new assumptions:

  • Menus and icons are now interactive and guide the entire user experience;
  • Each individual component has pop-ups explaining its function;
  • In terms of visual impact, we improved the chromaticity by introducing bright but uniform colours;
  • Improved overall system fluidity

🏳️🌈 We have translated the entire application, the risk report and the website into English. The latter is now also available in Spanish. More languages are coming soon.

📲 Mobile version of the platform: The mobile experience has also been redesigned and is now entirely based on the desktop experience. Just in case you find yourself using Cyberangels on the move during your next holiday!

👩🏻🔧 We have made this more flexible, as you may have domains pertaining to different product sectors. There is now granular control over the sector of each monitored domain.

You are not yet a user Cyberangels? Contact our team and find out with us how you can become as secure as a big company, without necessarily spending capital or hiring specialists.

Let Cyberangels Premium you differentiate yourself from the competition: keep focusing on your business challenges, we'll take care of your security!


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