The Cybercriminal Business Plan: How hackers make money at your company's expense

Why do cybercriminals attack small and medium-sized enterprises and how do they make money out of your business?

Cybercrime is on the rise. Every day, there are new tools and strategies that allow cybercriminals to target your company's data with increasing success rates.

If you don't have a cybersecurity plan for your company, it's like having a bank with an open vault: you allow hackers to make easy money against your company.

How to prevent your company from being the next victim? You need to know the most common types of attack by cybercriminals.

Generally speaking, cybercrime can be grouped into two categories:

  • Data theft

This is probably the most common and profitable form of cybercrime. If you are not insured, hackers can attack your company and steal data that is very important to you (customer data, employee data, login credentials, etc.).

How does data theft happen? It can happen with simple malware that you or an employee unintentionally download onto a company computer, with a phishing attack, or in the worst case with a ransomware attack (cybercriminals will steal your data and you can only get it back in exchange for a sum of money).

  • Identity theft

Some hackers are so adept at identity theft that they can take over your bank account through the personal data you leave unprotected on your computer.

Once they have obtained all the sensitive information about you, they can access your account just as if they were the rightful owners and transfer funds away from the bank. 

Once hackers have stolen your company's identity, they can also put your data up for sale on the dark web, the internet black market where stolen data (credit card data, bank credentials, etc.) are bought and sold. 

That is why it is important to adopt all possible security strategies and systems to protect your company at 100%.

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There is one thing you can do right away (even if you are not a security expert and do not have anyone to help you see if someone has broken into your systems) that will significantly reduce the risk of losing money in your company.

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