API integration: the new service for Cyber Risk Assessment

From today you can integrate Cyberangels services on your platforms through our Official API for Cyber Risk Assessment. 

We launched the Cyber Risk Assessment Api service to support digital brokers, distributors, technology partners and to provide a personalised experience for our customers. 

This service allows us to actively collaborate with the entire digital ecosystemnot just insurance. It is an infrastructure that we have put in place that can easily exchange data with other people.

For example, we can providing qualified lead generation solutions on IT security issues to partners such as brokers and intermediaries, but also in the retail sector and system integrators. 

Or we can enabling automated underwriting support to brokers/companies interested in entering the sector without investing a fortune. 

For us it is important innovate to always be a reliable and qualified partner for the ecosystem.

Our company recently concluded an equity crowdfunding campaign on BacktoWork. It went well. We have more than doubled our fundraising target.

We are now finalising the other investment agreements to reach new, even higher economic targets, to continue offering an excellent and up-to-date cyber security service. 

And soon, we will also start to convey the premium offer including insurance with the partner Vittoria Assicurazioni. 

We have a busy few months ahead of us. 


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Your company finally protected and secure.

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