Cyberangels protects your business from common threats such as malware, DDoS, blacklists and spam. Depending on the security package chosenYou will receive periodic site scans for threats and guidance on how to increase your level of protection, as well as a dedicated Angel to assist you!

Monthly prices excluding VAT

Basic Security

This basic security package helps you keep your business protected by shutting down the most common threats found on websites. Recommended for small blogs and influencers.

WordPress Security

Protecting your WordPress site from hackers, malware and other attacks has never been easier. WordPress Security provides continuous security scans to protect your site. 

  • Cyber-risk monthly report
  • Implementation of Backup Routines
  • Classification of archived data
  • Firewall activation
  • Password security check
  • Hardware and software inventory compilation
  • Antivirus implementation
  • Multi-factor authentication activation
  • Installing anti-malware software
  • SSL certificate check
  • Log activation
  • Cyber-risk monthly report
  • Assigning appropriate user roles
  • WordPress backup configuration
  • Web Firewall Activation
  • WordPress native api closing
  • Limiter Login Configuration
  • Protection of administrative areas (wp-admin)
  • Activating automatic updates
  • Strong multi-factor authentication added
  • Spam Prevention
  • DDoS protection

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