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Free Security Check-up

The free Security Check-up service assesses how exposed your company is to potential IT security risks or vulnerabilities, issuing an easy-to-read report.

Free Security Check-up

We examine critical points that a hacker can exploit, such as email communications, your website, and personal data. We send you a simple report with an assessment of your Cyber Risk and a set of suggestions to reduce it.

Monthly Security Check-up

Your personalised Security Check-up updated every month directly in your email inbox.

Monthly Security Check-up

New cyber threats are periodically discovered that can jeopardise your reputation and cause you and your company serious financial damage. The service carries out the Security Check-up every month and sends the assessment to your email inbox.

Cyberangels platform

The Italian cybersecurity platform that helps professionals and companies reduce the risk of data breaches and fines thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Cyberangels platform

Monitor security on Websites, Domains, Email and Web Applications to protect your business on all fronts. Receive customised recommendations to reduce cyber risks. Add Cyber Risk Insurance for peace of mind

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Security Check-up

The Security Check-up offers an assessment of your company's cyber risk, expressed with a score from 0 to 100. 

A higher score indicates a higher risk.

The security problems detected are then classified from least to most important, depending on how much damage they can do to your company.

Cyberangels platform

With Cyberangels, the all-Italian IT security platform, you can protect your company without spending a fortune or hiring experts.

  • Monitor the security status of your company with our automatic scanner to prevent any external attack.
  • Enhance protection of your company and employees through a guided path and proper security procedures based on NIST and ISO27001.
  • Learn distinguish the most critical threats to your business, through the Video Pills and Detailed Guides included in the solution.
  • Sleep peace of mind with cyber risk insurance against possible damage
    economic impact of a cyber attack on your systems

Why do you need Cyberangels?

SMEs that have suffered a cyber attack in the last 12 months
1 %
Economic damage of a cyber attack on a SME
1 K €
Of the times that a company suffers a cyber attack, it is because of human error
1 %

Monitor security on Websites, Domains, Email and Web Applications to protect your company on all fronts. 

Add theCyber Risk insurance to sleep soundly.

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