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What is the Cyber Risk Report

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The report assesses how much your company is exposed to potential risks or computer security vulnerabilities. 


We examine the various critical elements that could be targeted by cyber attacks, such as email communications, your website and personal data.

Risk classification

We will classify the security problems found according to how much damage they can do to your company.

The impact classifications in the safety report are: low, medium, high and critical.

Cyber Risk Summary
Risk Level

Risk Summary

We will provide a summary of your company's risk, assigning a score from 0 to 100, based on how exposed your company is to online dangers. 

A higher score indicates a higher risk.

Details of risks detected

The report details vulnerabilities in email configurations, on your website and on your domain.

In addition, we will inform you of all vulnerabilities found according to the international standards and classification of the MITRE Corporation.

Risk details

How to use the report?

The Cyber Risk Report is designed to be easily understood and used by anyone, even without extensive cybersecurity knowledge.


It is the perfect tool to understand your current security situation and to take proactive measures for improvement.


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