Introducing Cyberangels Premium: from today, cybersecurity for SMEs changes face!

Today we are excited to present Cyberangels Premium, the new version of the platform designed and developed in Italy, robust and extensive that makes cybersecurity really easy and affordable for start-ups and SMEs.

SMEs, PNRR and Cyber risk

We have spent the last two years wondering what would be left in the midst of all the upheavals the pandemic has brought to our way of working and doing business in general.


In recent months, Cyberangels has participated in an important competition held by Poste Italiane and LVenture Group. National and international start-ups competed in the "SME Insurtech - Call for Solutions" with the aim of presenting innovative solutions for the insurance world to bring to Poste's customers.


About a month ago, an unidentified cybercriminal (but known on the net as 'Dre*d') distributed sensitive data from the Guardia di Finanza free of charge and exposed it to everyone in a data leaks forum known as RaidForums.

API integration: the new service for Cyber Risk Assessment

You can now integrate Cyberangels services on your platforms through our official Cyber Risk Assessment API. 

Cyber risk insurance: what is it and why is it so important?

As cyber threats increase in 2021, so does the number of companies turning to cyber insurance to protect themselves from financial loss.

Your personal data are exposed to risks.

Cyberangels offers protection and insurance against cyber attacks for professionals and SMEs.

Registration free of charge.

CyberAware: Is your company data safe? Here are the right security procedures

Raising awareness of the value of corporate data and its protection is increasingly important. In today's business landscape, there are some best practices that your company should follow to make IT security as robust as possible.

The Cybercriminal Business Plan: How hackers make money at your company's expense

Why do cybercriminals attack small and medium-sized enterprises and how do they make money out of your business?

2021: the importance of being Cyber Smart

October is recognised every year as Cyber Security Prevention Month. This year's theme, Do Your Part, highlights the important role that every company plays in maintaining a focus on cyber security.