The Hero versus the Villain: how SMEs can avoid cybersecurity mistakes in web application development

This is the story of one of our clients, a small consulting company in the pharmaceutical sector, and how it ran into difficulties after developing a web application to provide technical services to its customers

How the NIS2 Directive facilitates a competitive advantage

The NIS2 Directive, approved by the European Parliament by a large majority, aims to establish a common standard of defence against cyber threats within the European Union. The NIS2 Directive is geared towards reinterpreting the provisions to adapt to the post-Covid-19 digital pandemic, broadening the areas of activity it involves, redefining and expanding the scope of data security rules, and strengthening the supervisory bodies and activities at EU level.

Do not neglect supply chain security in your security plan 2023

With the increasing dependence on global and complex supply chains for materials and products, companies today are exposed to a number of security threats that can have serious consequences

The importance of analysing the cyber risk of one's suppliers

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or supplier in today's global economy, protecting yourself from cyber risks is more important than ever.

SMEs and cybersecurity: is it a necessity or can it be done without?

They want to convince us that cybersecurity is becoming a top priority for companies. This is the feeling one gets when faced with the endless stream of news stories about cyber attacks and data breaches: for example, the growth trend of the annual expenditure that companies will devote to cybersecurity is set to grow by 15% per year, to reach $10 trillion in 2025

1 (one) thing to do now not to risk losing 10,000 euro

There is one thing you can do right away (even if you are not a security expert and do not have anyone to help you see if someone has broken into your systems) that will significantly reduce the risk of losing money in your company.

Your personal data are exposed to risks.

Cyberangels offers protection and insurance against cyber attacks for professionals and SMEs.

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The notorious cybercriminal group REvil was hacked. The operation was conducted by the FBI in cooperation with international agencies and led to the deletion of the site from the dark web. 


The SIAE (Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori) also fell victim to a cyber attack. On 20 October, it suffered a ransomware attack by the Everest Ransom Team.

4 steps to get the right IT insurance

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly common for small and medium-sized businesses. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best cyber insurance for your business.