Less complexity. More savings, protection and compliance.

Making top-tier cybersecurity accessible and straightforward for Small Businesses.

Cyberangels One

Free personalised check-up

We perform automated external non-intrusive risk assessment, with no need to access to your data and infrastructure.

Then you get the best plan to enhance your cybersecurity and compliance, according to your maturity level, team capacity and budget constraints.

Why do you need cyberangels?

Protect your business

SMEs that have suffered a cyber attack in the last 12 months
1 %
Economic damage of a cyber attack on a SME
1 K €
Of the time a company suffers a cyber attack is due to human error
1 %

Simple and effective solution!

Monitor security across websites, domains, emails, and web applications to ensure your company is protected from all sides.


Cyberangels gives you everything you need to monitor cybersecurity and compliance in one place.


the security status of your company with our automatic scanner to prevent any external attack.


The protection of your company and employees through a guided tour and adequate security procedures based on NIST and ISO27001


Learn how to distinguish the most critical threats to your business through the Video Pills and Detailed Guides included in the solution.

Cyber Care

Sleep soundly with thecyber risk insurance provided by us against possible damage
economic impact of a cyber attack on your systems Learn More.

Receive certificates of completion based on your achievements

Complete the Objectives we provide to level up and unlock new certifications. 

Distinguish yourself from the competition displaying Cyberangels badges on your site and email.

Who has tried Cyberangels

People say?

We have the answer!

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Cyberangels. Learn More.

The Cyberangels Platform is the environment where you can start your cyber protection and security journey, simplifying your processes and reducing your cyber risks.

The Cyberangels Protection Index assesses your knowledge of computer security and your level of protection.

Our cyber attack prevention and protection services and cyber insurance services are specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and are automatically adapted to your business.

The Angels are computer experts who have been trained and certified by Cyberangels or other bodies on cyber security issues. 

Not only cyber security

We contribute 0.5% of our revenue to carbon removal. Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is crucial to combating climate change, but technology is currently lagging behind. 

Try now Cyberangels!

Comprehensive IT protection insurance, customised to your company and your level of risk.

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