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Cyberangels offers Protection and Insurance from cyber attacks for your company.

Cyberangels offers protection and insurance against cyber attacks for your company website, all in one platform. Register and immediately eliminate all risks on your web portal.

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Why do you need cyberangels?

Protect your business

1 %
Small to medium-sized enterprises that suffered a cyber attack in the last 12 months
1 K €
Economic damage of a cyber attack on a SME
1 %
Of the time a company suffers a cyber attack is due to human error

What is Cyberangels?

helps small and medium-sized enterprises to definitively protect their business against cyber threats by standing by their side before, during and after an incident....

Cyberangels as a simple and effective solution!


the security status of your company to prevent any external attack.


The protection of your company and your employees through a guided path and adequate security procedures.


Learn and improve IT security management through a training experience within the platform.

Cyber Care

With insurance provided by us against possible damage
economic impact of a cyber attack on your systems Learn More.

All in one platform

Receive certifications based on your achievements

Complete the various achievements we provide to level up and unlock new valid certifications to place on your site and email.

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The Cyberangels Platform is the environment where you can start your cyber protection and security journey, simplifying your processes and reducing your cyber risks.

The Cyberangels Protection Index assesses your knowledge of computer security and your level of protection.

Our cyber attack prevention and protection services and cyber insurance services are specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and are automatically adapted to your business.

The Angels are computer experts who have been trained and certified by Cyberangels or other bodies on cyber security issues. 

Not only cyber security

We contribute 0.5% of our revenue to carbon removal. Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is crucial to combating climate change, but technology is currently lagging behind. 

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