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Cyberangels offers protection and insurance against cyber attacks for your company website, all in one platform. Register and immediately eliminate all risks on your web portal.

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To protect your company

Every company is a potential target for cyber attacks that can cause
important damages to your business. Don't risk being among them!
Here are some of the figures concerning cyber attacks on companies. Read more

Small to medium-sized enterprises that suffered a cyber attack in the last 12 months

Economic damage of
a cyber attack
to a SME

Companies that went bankrupt in the six months following a cyber attack

High security standards for SMEs

Up to

Million €

for violators of the regulations in force

Up to

of turnover

year for a possible data breach for large companies

To comply with regulations

GDPR regulations protect company-related data and that of your customers. A failure to
adherence to GDPR regulations is considered a criminal offence and you may be exposed to receiving
a fine amounting to 4% of the company's turnover.

Cyberangels as a simple and effective solution!


the security status of your company to prevent any external attack.


protecting your brand through appropriate security procedures

Take cover

with insurance provided by us against possible damage
economic impact of a cyber attack on your systems

Your company finally protected and secure

At Cyberangels we offer comprehensive cyber protection insurance
tailored to your company and your level of risk. Registration free


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