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What is the Cyber Angels Platform?

The Cyberangels Platform is the environment where you can start your cyber protection and security journey, simplifying your processes and reducing your cyber risks.

How do I access the Cyberangels platform?

When you register for free at Cyberangels you will receive a link to the Cyberangels platform. Enter your credentials and you will be taken directly to the homepage of the platform.

What is the Cyberangels protection index and how is it calculated?

The Cyberangels Protection Index assesses your knowledge of computer security and your level of protection.

Why contact an Angel?

The Angels are experts in cyber security and are certified by Cyberangels or other training organisations. 

What does it mean that I am exposed to risks?

If your personal or company information is unintentionally exposed to the public, it means that you are exposed to different categories of risk.

What does it mean that my information is compromised?

Your sensitive or company information is compromised when it is exposed to the public and available to hackers

How is my e-mail address used?

Your email address is only used to search our breach databases to identify whether there is any information on the darkweb related to the identified contact.

How is my risk exposure assessed?

Your exposure to risk is assessed on the basis of breaches suffered, identified by searching your email address on our darkweb breach databases.

What does the Free Cyber Risk Report contain?

The Cyber Free Risk Report contains:


  • A high-level assessment of your vulnerability level based on the information breached.....

What is the Free Cyber Risk Report?

The Free Cyber Risk Report, through the email address entered in the form, assesses the vulnerability status of the contact, checking if and which contact information has been hacked

How can I contact Cyberangels?

For any information you can contact us by email at


How can I register for free at Cyberangels?

To register free of charge for the Cyberangels platform, go to the website CyberAngels.co.uk and click on "Register"....

What is Cyberangels?

Cyberangels helps small and medium-sized enterprises to definitively protect their business against cyber threats by standing by their side before, during and after an incident....

What sets Cyberangels apart?

Our cyber attack prevention and protection services and cyber insurance services are specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and are automatically adapted to your business.

Who are the Angels?

The Angels are computer experts who have been trained and certified by Cyberangels or other bodies on cyber security issues. 

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