Cyber Risk Insurance

Insure yourself against economic damages resulting from cyber attacks!



Cyberangels provides SMEs with a very important tool to protect themselves against economic damage resulting from cybercrime: cyber insurance.

Cyber security incidents can cause huge financial and reputational damage to your company.

Our policy covers economic and operational damages related to a cyber event, minimising the possible disruption to your business.

Tailor-made insurance

We build a policy based on your needs.

Risk and recovery cover

The costs generated by a cyber attack can be many, and our policy covers you both for legal support and the costs of restoring your operations.

Monitor directly from the platform

No additional registration, follow the status of your policy or claims directly from the platform.

Get the best price for your policy

Cyberangels allows you to get the policy at a reduced price, thanks to economies of scale.

Get support in no time

In case of need, our partnerships allow you to be supported by the top CyberSecurity experts
to restore your services.


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