Cyber Risk Insurance


How it works and what it includes

Cyber ​​risk insurance is a fundamental part of your business protection strategy. Whether you're the victim of a cybercrime, such as a data breach, ransomware attack, or have been scammed by phishing, our product helps you get going fast.

  1. Any loss of business.

  2. Costs incurred to resume operations, such as repairing damage to computer systems or restoring data.

  3. Fines (if insurable by law) and compensation costs following a personal data breach.

Access to PR and crisis management experts to minimize damage to your brand and business.


Our experts will help you get your business back up and running and provide advice on how to prevent future cyber incidents.

The security check

A necessary step to evaluate the assumption of risk by the insurance company. Follow the tips shown by our application, in order to be eligible for the insurance. Otherwise, the points to be fixed in order to receive the insurance quote will be summarized within the application.

Monitor directly from the app

No additional registration, follow the status of your policy or claims directly from the platform.

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