In recent months, Cyberangels has participated in a major competition held by Italian Post Office e LVenture Group. National and international start-ups competed in the "SME Insurtech - Call for Solutions" with the aim of presenting innovative solutions for the insurance world to bring to Poste customers.

After careful analysis by the committee made up of managers from Poste Italiane and PosteVita Group, the project proposed by Cyberangels wins prestigious first prize in the 'Product' category.

We presented an innovative product for cyber risk assessment and self check-up services, aimed at companies that have a customer base on which they want to make assessments.

Thanks to this award, we now have the opportunity to develop the project in collaboration with Poste Italiane.

In the coming months we will be working with the contacts in the insurance division of Poste and will be integrating our services into their channels.

The project will make available Cyberangels' IT check-up in the Group's online portals and post offices across Italy.

This victory is important for all Cyberangels customers because it allows us to further improve the IT security controls offered to our users.

Indeed, the Artificial Intelligence at the heart of our platform will be able to benefit from the considerable amount of data from the new user base that is coming with Poste. 

Improving IT security features is just one aspect of our mission: we continue to focus with the Poste Italiane Group and new partners also on insurtech issues, to protect small and medium-sized enterprises from economic damage caused by cyber attacks. 

In fact, during this year we have been appointed finalists in the Insurtech Italy Awards 2021 and we are launching a new package of services plus Cyber Risk insurance product in collaboration with Vittoria Assicurazioni.

All to ensure Cyberangels' customers always have maximum protection from business risks arising from cyber security threats. 

To defend and secure your company against cyber attacks, you can receive a free cyber risk assessment of your company by signing up for the Cyberangels platform:



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