SMEs, PNRR and Cyber risk

Imagine for a moment that you have to decide where to spend your next holiday. Your choice is a thrilling desert crossing and now you are preparing to pack your bags. Would you ever face the desert with a Hawaiian shirt, swimming costume, flip-flops, suntan oil and a half-litre bottle of still water? 

I take a step back.

We have spent the last two years wondering what would be left in the midst of all the upheavals the pandemic has brought to our way of working and doing business in general.

What has undoubtedly emerged is that there has been a super-acceleration in the use of digital tools in day-to-day business operations (McKinsey&C report).

This induced transformation has literally helped to innovate many aspects of how our companies do business. It has involved all sectors, all company roles and has marked a line of no return on many aspects.

In particular, this process has been very evident among professionals and SMEs that have understood the need to digitise in order to remain competitive on the market: for Italian SMEs, in fact, digital tools are now necessary in the management of everyday life.

In the meantime, the PNRR is being talked about with legitimate and growing enthusiasm: the "Business Innovation and Digitisation" objective accounts for about 60% of the entire approved expenditure, or about EUR 30.6 billion. And, according to a recent survey by Qonto with ProntoPro, 95% of the companies with up to 10 employees surveyed will use the incentives for marketing, advertising, and e-commerce activities.

But no one mentions investments to strengthen their strategy in managing business risks arising from cyber threats. 


We go 'al-in' on digital, but zero spend on protection. 

Italian SMEs are totally unprepared to deal with cyber risk! Companies have not yet taken the step of linking cyber risk to the risk of stopping their business.  

Getting entrepreneurs, managers and professionals to understand that you don't use suntan oil in the desert has been Cyberangels' mission since day one.

And you don't have to be a computer expert to start protecting yourself.

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1 (one) thing to do now not to risk losing 10,000 euro

There is one thing you can do right away (even if you are not a security expert and do not have anyone to help you see if someone has broken into your systems) that will significantly reduce the risk of losing money in your company.

Your company finally protected and secure.

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